Similar tarot cards combinations

stock market, stocks and shares, currency investing, precious metals, etc. The Magician (Internet and communication), Justice (legal instruments), Hierophant, or The Emperor may also feature with the stock market. Depending upon the interpretation you use, Three of Wands (merchants, trade and commerce)
marriage contract.
marriage proposal, engagement ring. (proposal, ring, engagement). Similarly, Ten of Cups instead of the Two, marriage proposal.
property purchase or home move (other indications may also include Justice (legal) King or Queen of Swords (lawyers) King or Queen of Pentacles (finance managers).
new endeavour that holds good promise to do well financially, or new work with employment contract.
recognition through receiving an important award, can also represent promotion.
a generous gift, may involve gold or jewellery but also financial.
educational award, but also could be new work with a large establishment.
Lucky ticket. A new venture that brings financial gain.
family inheritance, legacy. Also…
a legal trust or testament (usually family with Ten of Pentacles)
liquidation, filing for bankruptcy, or losing a legal case that may prove costly.
new job
This will not work out as you hoped, brief and over almost before it’s begun. Also…
Similar to above but a dead end.
Think carefully before you take this on as it could prove too much and weigh you down (similarly sometimes, The Devil)
Move to a new home, lots of excitement with this combination as it brings a whole new way of life for the family.
  Usually conception and pregnancy but sometimes birth (in either combination) may also be joined by Ace of Cups (usually for birth) Page of Cups.
the start of a passionate love affair – look for something solid following to anchor it and show it will last, rather than fizzle out.
difficulty in working partnership with opposing views, working against each other.
‘mom and pop’ business, partnership in love and work.
Quarrels and upheavals in a business partnership.
Angel investor, or possible silent partner (may also be shown by a King of Queen instead of Emperor)
Working partner that can’t be trusted, devious.
creating or making your own ‘luck,’ that will open new doors and opportunities.
Manifesting your wish, this will come about through your own actions.
Mastery at work through concentrated effort and utilising skills.
Watch for manipulation or abuse of power.
(Venus and Mars) Parents; sometimes a strong influential couple.
There may be a constant need to ‘mother’ this relationship; the partner may require continuous attention to bring it about.
Careful with this one! A number of possible indications (depending upon situation)
Great success but achieved through consistent nurturing of all aspects leading to the conclusion.
These three together (in any combination) indicate a situation dealing with higher authorities, government, law of the land, etc.
(Mars and Venus) Parents; sometimes a strong influential couple.
promotion to a senior position.
may suggest coming up against authority, but could also strengthen your position (depending upon context) whereas, The Emperor > Seven of Wands
May indicate hospital.
Traditional home and family unit, in reverse order may feel duty bound to do the right thing for family obligations.
These three together (in any combination) indicate a situation dealing with higher authorities, government, law of the land, etc.
relationship developing into a deeper bond.
  Marriage/wedding, also…
potential for commitment, marriage etc. Popular marriage combinations include Lovers with
stale relationship, lack of interest or becoming fed-up with circumstances.
tears and disappointment but fives can be temporary so check card following.
may signify more than one option but check surrounding cards too as it could suggest daydreaming or being unrealistic about a relationship.
may be balancing more than one relationship
can show stormy emotions, upsets and quarrels but also distance relationships (people separated by distance, particularly if the Three precedes The Lovers). Similar to the Five of Cups, it’s a ‘small’ card so check the card following to clarify where it’s going.
a sense of withdrawal or pulling back from the relationship, The Hermit may also indicate needing time to think or pull back.
setting up home and moving in together.
relationship revived or resurrected. (Refer to The Lover Returns article.) 
uncertainty over a relationship, fluctuating emotions or not sure where you stand. 
may show a destructive or unhealthy relationship but can also indicate an obsession, or fling. 
(or Ten of Swords) relationship ending.
powering through, strong determination will pay off.
 inner and outer resolve in order to overcome setbacks, an unstoppable force.
travel or vehicle documents.
may indicate a parking ticket or traffic offence.
 learning to drive (followed by Six of Wands, passing driving test)
endurance after a difficult situation, picking yourself back up regardless and soldiering on.
in for the long haul, perseverance and courage will finally pay off but could take time.
gathering resolve to leave a situation.
inner and outer resolve in order to overcome setbacks, an unstoppable force.
using tact and diplomacy to accomplish aims, charming the birds out the trees…
The search for deeper meaning and mysteries of life.
Strengthens the association of a wise teacher. Together (in any combination) with Eight of Pentacles can indicate learning and studying; gathering wisdom in an educational setting.
Success achieved slowly, over time.
Withdrawal, time out, a retreat.
being prudent with finances, careful and wise saver.
complete and absolute change from one path to another.
possible gambling addiction
risky venture that results in loss, whereas followed by a positive Pentacle card would show gains (such as Nine of Pentacles etc).
may warn of a missed opportunity and being careful not to dismiss something out of hand.
may indicate corruption, if surrounded (either side) or if followed by Eight of Swords and The Devil can sometimes indicate prison, or imprisoned.
These three together (in any combination) indicate a situation dealing with higher authorities, government, law of the land, etc.
Sometimes literal.
Will or inheritance, or property purchase.  If the Knight of Wands included would indicate property transaction and home move (purchase, lease, etc)
Weighed down by official rules and regulations, red tape.
New employment contract
inheritance, particularly if Six of Pentacles also included.
Renewal and reconciliation.
may indicate hospital.
healing and convalescence.
‘falling off the wagon,’ vice versa may show abstaining from an addiction.
healing of rifts and bad feelings but will require patience and compromise on both sides.
may show abstaining from an addiction, vice versa ‘falling off the wagon.’
Confinement, sometimes prison, particularly if Hierophant (The Establishment) Justice (legal system) The Emperor (authority) or King of Swords, (government officials, men in uniform) are also included.
may show an obsession with an old love.
Corrupt organisation (particularly if Five of Swords included)  Also…
Forgery, forged document.
Excessive debt, overspending.
manipulation, a trickster or con artist.
Perhaps too much of a good thing! (Be careful what you wish for.)
possible violence or abuse
hallucinations, being under the influence of an addictive substance.
Generally, what is hidden will be revealed and usually to your benefit, but can also be a good sign of developing psychic ability.
Heavy duty! Can indicate hallucinations or paranoia, more commonly suggests secrecy connected to root card in a simple line, or if either side of a card may indicate what is being concealed.
unrealistic fantasies, if followed by The Devil can indicate developing into an unhealthy obsession.
Deception and dishonesty behind the scenes, watch your back.
Karmic cycle, going round in a circle.
may be redoing or re-sitting an exam.
a past relationship revived that leads to permanency, whereas in reverse order (Ten of Cups > Judgement) could be marriage reconciliation.
Resurrection of an old love relationship/interest.
boomerang effect, Lazarus, this one bounces back into life.
returning to childhood home, or
Moving to somewhere you’ve previously lived or have a strong past connection with.
Larger scale success follows quickly.
progress with recognition, possibly promotion.
small success brings choices but make future goals realistic or else they could dissipate.
consider your next steps very carefully, take your time.
What starts out well could become a burden or over ambitious, particularly when accompanied with The Emperor central (Three of Wands > Emperor > Ten of Wands)
mediation to solve differences through compromise.
problems or differences resolved.
differences stop play, standoff with no change.
if you handle the situation/people carefully you can triumph.
situation could get out of hand and lead to violent clashes, (may show riots and unrest on a larger scale against established authority if The Emperor/Hierophant present, Justice and King of Swords can also involve police, uniforms, etc.
family disputes leading to upheavals and upset.
relationship differences where no one is relenting, resulting in no movement or progress.
promotion and pay increase.
new job with swift advancement (similarly, Ace of Wands).
public recognition that puts you in the spotlight (enhanced further if The World and/or The Sun also present).
winning out over the competition.
triumph (equally, other cards representing success)
no change
failure, fighting something you ultimately can’t win.
fighting fog, you could also jump in too soon without all the facts to hand yet, take time before asserting position.
may suggest coming up against authority, but could also strengthen your position (depending upon context) whereas, The Emperor > Seven of Wands
be careful you’re not being set up, others providing bullets for you to fire.
diplomacy and careful handling recommended, compromise may be needed to restore harmony.
financial burdens, money worries increasing, overwhelmed by debts.
overworking, pressure through work. Similarly,
in short, workaholic.
relationship may have difficulty getting off the ground or run into problems, however, could also warn what lies ahead in this involvement.
dogged determination that doesn’t pay off.
promotion that brings heavy responsibilities; is this what you want? (In reverse order hard work pays off)
careful what you wish for.
adds to the international flavour of emigration and moving abroad.
moving back to somewhere connected to your past. 
new relationship progressing smoothly into something deeper.
may become disenchanted with a new relationship quite quickly.
the start of clandestine relationship (The Moon may also feature).
Could be flash-in-the-pan, over before it’s begun (similarly, Ten of Swords brings a disappointing ending)
start of a new relationship (also when order is reversed)
birth (in either order of combination) may also be joined by Page of Cups.
setting up home together (also, Knight of Wands > Two of Cups > Ten of Pentacles)
the end of the affair, usually permanent split (unless immediately followed by Judgement).
partner keeping secrets, (if Five of Swords then someone’s taking advantage, devious)
marriage and wedding celebrations (also strengthened with Lovers, Ten of Cups).
marriage and wedding celebrations (also strengthened with Lovers, Ten of Cups, Four of Wands, etc).
Too much Christmas spirit? You could overdo it with this one ;) A pretty wild night out, but you may regret it later. 
Gathering of the clan, family get together.
a lucky break, you could be celebrating good fortune with this one, (if preceded by Ace of Pentacles may be through a lottery ticket, or similar).
sour grapes, jealousy from others.
bored or dissatisfied with a relationship, stale emotions.
(party pooper) boring event or one you don’t enjoy and didn’t wish to attend, a let down, party loses its fizz
be careful what you wish for, not happy with something once you get it, not all you dreamed it would be.
may not appreciate the blessings that surround you – in opposite order, complete turnaround.
feeling out of sorts and withdrawal, wrapped up in your own world. Also…
don’t miss this opportunity (in a line of three we’d be looking for another positive card following the Wheel).
fairly traditional for heartbreak and tears.
retreating to lick wounds and recover.
can be gossip and slander, jealousy, betrayal of friendships (false friends) causing the upset.
in close proximity such as this usually brings quick recovery from the situation.
complete turnaround in events, short-lived upset may be internal or unfounded emotional fears.
time to move on and call it a day.
dreaming of past times, nostalgia, (if The Moon also present or surrounding then possibly not very realistic).
may show an obsession with an old love, can’t let go.
New relationship with someone from your past, already known, perhaps an old love or childhood sweetheart.
childhood home
reunion with old friends.
unrealistic expectations.
walking away from a relationship that has become stale or wearisome.    
leaving a situation unexpectedly without consideration to others, may be viewed selfishly.
“out of the frying pan…” possibly not a wise move at this time, but in reverse order (Ten of Wands > Eight of Cups) a good one – moving on from something that felt heavy-duty and put you under pressure. 
leaving a business partnership or group venture. 
leaving an old path to explore a new one that seems more exciting, similarly Aces represent pastures new.
…and your cup runneth over… you could be exploding with happiness with this combination!
hedonistic pursuits and wild times, serious partying!
marriage and wedding celebrations (also strengthened with The Lovers, Two of Cups, Four of Wands, etc – Justice or Ace of Pentacles add the official documents).
happy heart, happy home, this combination suggests stability in emotional and material matters surrounding the home life. It can represent ‘marital bliss’ and often turns up in readings for couples settling down together. 
offer of new work or a study placement.
party invitation
business proposition working with others, partnership, collaboration, etc
offer leaves you undecided
not as good as you hoped, leaves you dissatisfied. 
(or Ace of Pentacles) contract being offered, usually more formal – for house negotiations also look for
perhaps one to avoid!
refusal, or walking away from the offer.
overcoming a financial problem.
winning over the competition or opposition.
defeating underhandedness, triumph over troublemakers or someone trying to discredit you.
cutting through confusion and grasping the nettle to break the deadlock.
legal ruling in your favour.
perhaps love conquers all, but keep a clear head.
consider actions carefully, unexpected consequences, “out of the frying pan into the fire.”
quarrels or upsets in a close relationship leads to a standoff, no one prepared to make a move.
  indicates compromise will be needed and could take time. 
fall out leads to a disappointing ending.   
healing and renewal (also of relationship, depending upon the root card leading to these two; Three of Swords and Five of Cups may show mending a broken heart).
quarrels and upsets at work.
healing and convalescence, also…
Confinement, sometimes prison, particularly if Justice (legal system) or King of Swords, (government officials, men in uniform) are also included.
consolidating finances or material concerns, replenishing stock and exercising caution with what you have (also if these cards preceded by the Five of Pentacles).
Time out, period of withdrawal after a conflicting situation.
recovery to advance in a stronger position.
cunning trickster, someone is not to be trusted, (also watch for a King or Queen preceding the Five, for an accurate personality description).  
clandestine relationship (The Moon may also feature).
professional jealousy, watch your back!
Possible embezzlement, with other appropriate Pentacle card central may simply show theft (mainly Five of Pentacles central).
information becoming known to you that works to your advantage and triumph, outfoxing the fox.
justice prevails, unless both followed by further negative card in which case it may show injustice, or perverting the course of justice if order switched (Justice > Five of Swords)
keep your head down and keep going, endurance will see you come through (similarly, Nine of Wands)
a sure sign of improvement, rest assured that life will gradually improve to a brighter position.
a difficult financial situation that needs to be handled carefully but by doing so results in maintaining harmonious balance.   
a skilful manipulator
exercise care and caution with authority figures
your wish comes with an unexpected twist! In the opposite order, taking great care in order to manifest your wishes.
feeling restricted within your role at work, (if order reversed Three of Pentacles > Eight of Swords
feeling bound by duty. Also…
trapped by responsibilities that leave you overwhelmed (could also apply in reverse order).
feeling trapped in a relationship, or a situation surrounding it.
finance or debt problem, an unexpected bill could leave you in a fix.
an unexpected opportunity will present itself but you need to be ready to make the most of it when it appears.
you need to have confidence in yourself as you have the ability to move forward. 
may show a fear of failure, but when the Nine is surrounded by positive cards it can be worry for worry’s sake – looking for something to go wrong, feeling it’s too good to be true, etc. 
feeling locked-in or trapped by despair, take action to avoid things escalating (The Devil, Five of Cups, and The Moon may also feature).
anxious concerning a close relationship.
money worries.
time to move on and call it a day.
over almost before it’s had time to begin.
loss of financial position, could be substantial, take preventative measures, financial misfortunes.
things will improve with time and something better is waiting on the horizon.
consider whatever ends as a blessing in disguise as matters turn around quickly, the silver lining.
feeling as though you’re spinning plates, overload ahead…
may be more than one job, multi-tasking at work.
may be a careful or savvy investor, taking care to hold onto what you have to make it last.
financially pulling a rabbit out the hat!
new work or job but in an area you’re already experienced in, or known to be good at.
receiving an award at work or for your work, if The Emperor follows may show a promotion to senior position.
going back to work for a past employer or work from your past, Judgement would also show resurrection but can be the revival of a previous profession.
applying what you know in new and innovative ways in unknown territory.
potential of a love interest that comes through work. Also…
partnership in love and work.
family business, working from home, sometimes property business or trades.
throwing caution to the wind and stepping out. In reverse order, (The Fool > Four of Pentacles) holding back from a new opportunity, afraid to let go.
possibly a possessive mother figure who doesn’t want to let go, smother love.
holding back emotionally, perhaps cautious about becoming involved in a relationship.
wise and prudent saver, canny and shrewd investor.
being careful with finances to keep the flow going, balancing the books and keeping a check on finances.
money in, money out.
taking a new job but with a drop in salary, may be for less money initially or less than you hoped for.
may indicate charity or charitable organisation, a generous benefactor. Also…The Hierophant > Three of Cups > Six of Pentacles
working hard pays dividends and leads to small success
enjoyment of leisure after hard work. In certain circumstances can represent farming, with Ten of Pentacles and Empress could represent a farming family.
working hard and saving, with success.
successfully negotiating a loan with the bank manager (or similar financial position)
can represent a property loan – with The Chariot instead of the Ten, car loan.
perseverance pays off, in for the long haul but results achieved.
  Place of study, knowledge and wisdom, University or education establishment.
abandoning a course without completion, or not staying long in new employment.
good progression from apprentice to mastery of a skill, if the order is reversed it shows new work in a field where you’re already experienced. 
rags to riches, the famine and the feast, swift turnaround in financial affairs.
can indicate a substantial financial gift.
a fortuitous opportunity, one that pays off.
beavering to create your own money tree, financial abundance through your own efforts.
guard against theft or being conned.
important document connected to the home with material relevance.
a legal trust or testament (usually family with Ten of Pentacles)