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High arcan Magician and high arcan Wheel of Fortune combination:
- creating your own success;
- A situation involvingan important message. Doing things for other people. Borrowed authority. ( by Bill Heidrick );
Magician tarot card

Card 1 - Magician

The Magician is one tarot card that is filled with symbolism. The central figure depicts someone with one hand pointed to the sky, while the other hand points to the ground, as if to say "as above, so below". This is a rather complicated phrase, but its summarization is that earth reflects heaven, the outer world reflects within, the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, earth reflects God. It can also be interpreted here that the magician symbolizes the ability to act as a go-between between the world above and the contemporary, human world.  On his table, the magician also wields all the suits of the tarot. This symbolizes the four elements being connected by this magician - the four elements being earth, water, air, and fire. The infinity sign on his head indicates the infinite possibilities of creation with the will.
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Wheel of Fortune tarot card

Card 2 - Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the most highly symbolic cards in the deck, filled with signs that each have its own meaning. At the center of the card, lies a giant wheel, covered in esoteric symbols. There are different creatures that surround the wheel; the angel, the eagle, the bull and the lion. They are related to four fixed signs in the zodiac - leo, taurus, scorpio and aquarius. These four animals are also representatives for the four evangelists in Christian traditions, which is perhaps the reason that they are all adorned with wings. The books that each of the creatures hold represents the Torah which communicates wisdom and self-understanding. The snake indicates the act of descending into material world. On the wheel itself, rides a sphinx that sits at the top, and what appears to be either a devil, or Anubis himself arising at the bottom. These two Egyptian figures are representative of both the wisdom of the gods and kings (in the case of the sphinx) and the underworld (Anubis). They are rotating forever, in a cycle, and suggests that as one comes up, the other goes down.
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