Each plan that you are considering corresponds to one card. If the interpretation is negative, it is simply too much effort, strain, or pain for what it's worth. In other words, it is NOT in alignment. If you have two positive outcomes or multiple, choose the one you feel intuitively called to manifest the most. If none of them sound favorable whatsoever (i.e., all choices are negative and none of them seem like a challenge you feel called to master), then you need to specify each plan further. For example, if one plan is I want to become a healer, specify further: psychologist, Reiki practitioner, caretaker, etc. The last card shows you what prevents you from making the decision your subconscious is drawing you to. I hope that this helps you discover your soul's dream, and that it attracts you to a harmonious, benevolent, and symbiotic outcome.

đếm thẻ: 4
Created: 2023-07-28 by user zepepe
taro card Devil
ác quỷ
taro card Two of Pentacles
Two of Pentials
taro card Moon
Mặt trăng
taro card King of Wands
Vua của Wands
taro card Hierophant
Chữ tượng hình
taro card Emperor
Hoàng đế
taro card Three of Swords
Ba thanh kiếm
taro card Tower
Tòa tháp
taro card Lovers
Những người yêu thích
taro card Ten of Cups
Mười ly
taro card Eight of Wands
Tám of Wands
taro card Eight of Swords
Tám thanh kiếm
taro card Empress
Hoàng hậu
taro card Ten of Pentacles
Ten of Pentials
taro card Queen of Wands
Nữ hoàng của Wands
taro card Seven of Pentacles
Seven of Pentials
taro card Two of Wands
Hai cây đũa phép
taro card Ace of Swords
Ace of Swords
taro card Four of Cups
Bốn ly
taro card Fool
Ngu xuẩn
taro card Three of Cups
Ba ly
taro card Two of Swords
Hai thanh kiếm
taro card World
Thế giới
taro card Hanged Man
Người đàn ông treo cổ
taro card King of Pentacles
Vua của Pentials
taro card Justice
Sự công bằng
taro card Five of Cups
Năm ly
taro card Hermit
Che giấu mặt
taro card Knight of Swords
Hiệp sĩ kiếm
taro card Seven of Swords
Bảy thanh kiếm
taro card Death
Tử vong
taro card Queen of Swords
Nữ hoàng kiếm
taro card Four of Wands
Bốn of Wands
taro card Nine of Cups
Chín ly
taro card Chariot
Xe ngựa
taro card Seven of Wands
Bảy cây đũa phép
taro card Star
Ngôi sao
taro card High Priestess
Nữ tư tế tối cao
taro card Ten of Swords
Mười thanh kiếm
taro card Knight of Pentacles
Hiệp sĩ của Pentials
taro card Two of Cups
Hai ly
taro card Five of Swords
Năm thanh kiếm
taro card Six of Swords
Sáu thanh kiếm
taro card Page of Wands
Trang của Wands
taro card Nine of Wands
Chín cây đũa phép
taro card Ten of Wands
Mười đũa phép
taro card Four of Pentacles
Four of Pentials
taro card King of Cups
Vua ly
taro card Five of Wands
Năm trong số Wands
taro card Six of Pentacles
Six of Pentials
taro card Wheel of Fortune
Vòng quay may mắn
taro card Page of Cups
Trang ly
taro card Strength
Sức mạnh
taro card Four of Swords
Bốn thanh kiếm
taro card Five of Pentacles
Five of Pentials
taro card Queen of Cups
Nữ hoàng của ly
taro card Eight of Pentacles
Eight of Pentials
taro card Nine of Swords
Chín thanh kiếm
taro card Knight of Wands
Hiệp sĩ Wands
taro card Three of Pentacles
Three of Pentials
taro card Knight of Cups
Hiệp sĩ của Chén
taro card Ace of Wands
Ace of Wands
taro card Six of Cups
Sáu ly
taro card Six of Wands
Sáu trong số Wands
taro card King of Swords
Vua kiếm
taro card Eight of Cups
Tám ly
taro card Judgement
Phán quyết
taro card Three of Wands
Ba cây đũa phép
taro card Nine of Pentacles
Nine of Pentials
taro card Seven of Cups
Bảy ly
taro card Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Pentials
taro card Ace of Cups
Ace of Cup
taro card Temperance
Nhiệt độ
taro card Queen of Pentacles
Nữ hoàng của Pentials
taro card Sun
mặt trời
taro card Magician
Nhà ảo thuật
taro card Page of Pentacles
Trang của Pentials
taro card Page of Swords
Trang kiếm

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