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High arcan High Priestess and Low arcan Queen of Cups combinations:
- be strong in our intuition and wisdom;
- intuitive compassion ;
- intuitive calm ;
- intuitive comfort ;
- unconscious compassion ;
- unconscious calm ;
- unconscious comfort ;
- inner voice compassion ;
- inner voice calm ;
- inner voice comfort ;
High Priestess tarot card

Card 1 - High Priestess

You've maximum possibly encountered the High Priestess before, however in different forms - she can be visible in the archetypes of Persephone, Artemis, Isis and many more. When you encounter her, you will see her sitting on a cubic stone between the 2 pillars at Solomon s Temple, Jachin, and Boaz. Jachin (right) is generally called the Pillar of Establishment and Boaz (left) is the Pillar of Strength. The pillars additionally depict the duality of nature; masculine and feminine, precise and evil, poor and positive. The High Priestess's vicinity between the 2 suggests that it is her duty to function a mediator between the depths of the reality. She is the 1/3 pillar - the path between. She believes that both pillars are equal and there is understanding to be found out in each worlds. You will also be aware that she wears the crown of Isis which can imply that she is a believer of magic. The excessive priestess wearing of the solar move denotes that she is connected to the season of the earth and the earth itself. The crescent moon at her toes is seen additionally in many depictions of the Virgin Mary, and way that she has a complete draw close over her emotion and the pomegranates confer with the ambition of the priestess.
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Queen of Cups tarot card

Card 2 - Queen of Cups

The Queen of Cups regulations the emotional realm. She is the female whose throne is right on the sea s edge, and water is usually symbolic of the subconscious and feeling. Her position at the shore suggests that she lies between land and sea, the region wherein feeling and concept exist. She holds a cup that has handles formed like an angel. This cup is closed, which is why the Queen of Cups symbolizes the thoughts that include our subconscious mind. The queen sits alone, which allows her to think. The calmness of the water and the sky symbolizes the serene mind of the queen. Her feet are not touching the water, which stands for her searching at her mind and feelings from the outside.
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