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High arcan Strength and Low arcan Six of Swords combinations:
- bravery leaving behind ;
- bravery moving on ;
- compassion leaving behind ;
- compassion moving on ;
- focus leaving behind ;
- focus moving on ;
Strength tarot card

Card 1 - Strength

In this tarot card, you'll see a female who evenly holds the jaws of a totally grown lion. Despite the reality that the lion appears menacing and robust, the female appears to have dominion over it. What is fascinating is how gracefully she controls the lion. She is calm and collected, which is representative for being in control and disciplined in particular in instances of high-quality adversities. The truth that she is also retaining the jaws of a lion also suggests that she has courage. Her control of the lion without being too difficult suggests love and compassion. The blue historical past over the mountains suggests balance and the type of calmness that includes being stable. The lion is a symbol of courage, ardour and desire which might be very much part of the human feelings which can be vital for survival. But if those feelings aren't put in test can lead to our eventual destruction.
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Six of Swords tarot card

Card 2 - Six of Swords

The image in the Six of Swords indicates a woman and a child in a ship being rowed in the water to a land that is on the opposite side. We can accumulate from the photos that the woman and the child are leaving something behind, as their backs are faced closer to us. The female's head is included with a cloak - perhaps she is fleeing some thing, and must go with out others knowing her actual identity. We can assume that due to this, she is undergoing great loss or unhappiness. The symbolism in the Six of Swords is that of loss or change, as well as transferring toward a destiny that looks greater promising than the only that we left behind. The six swords alongside the boat signify the strong electricity of the rational mind, as compared to intuition and the heart.
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