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Low arcan Three of Swords and high arcan Star and high arcan Temperance combination:
- suffering faith patience;
- suffering faith finding meaning;
- suffering rejuvenation patience;
- suffering rejuvenation finding meaning;
- grief faith patience;
- grief faith finding meaning;
- grief rejuvenation patience;
- grief rejuvenation finding meaning;
Three of Swords tarot card

Card 1 - Three of Swords

One of the most iconic images in the tarot, the Three of Swords displays a floating heart that is pierced by three swords. Above it, there are heavy clouds. There is also a heavy downpour in the background. The symbolism is pretty opaque, and the emotional effect that it has is immediate. The heart is the seat of warmth, affection and spirit, and the three swords indicate the power to harm, cause pain, and create suffering to what it pierces. This is an image of grief, loss and literally heartbreak. The clouds and rain depict the surrounding grimness of the situation. All these symbols point to the Three of Swords showing a low point in one's life.
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Star tarot card

Card 2 - Star

The Star card shows a woman kneeling at the edge of a small pond. She is holding two containers of water. One container pours the water out to the dry land, as if to to nourish it and ensure its fertility. The lush green land around her seems to say that it is working. One foot is inside the water which shows the spiritual abilities and inner strength of the woman. The other foot on the ground shows her practical abilities and strengths. Behind her, there is a large central star surrounded by seven small stars which represent the chakras. There is bird standing at a tree branch which represents the holy ibis of thought. The Star's astrological correspondent is Aquarius.
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Temperance tarot card

Card 3 - Temperance

On the Temperance card, there is an angel with wings, whose gender is not immediately obvious, which suggests that there is a balance between the sexes. One foot of the angel is in water, to represent the subconscious, while the other foot is on dry land, a representation of the material world. On her robe, there is a square, which has a triangle inscribed inside, another echo of the tangible earth in union with the holy trinity. She holds two cups in a manner where she can mix the waters, which represent the super and subconscious minds. The water flows between them, suggesting union and infinity. Everything about this card represents balance, the perfect harmony that comes from the union of dualities. Her advice is to test any new waters, before jumping into the deep end.
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