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Low arcan Ace of Cups and High arcan Empress combinations:
- spirituality fertility ;
- spirituality nature ;
- intuition fertility ;
- intuition nature ;
Ace of Cups tarot card

Card 1 - Ace of Cups

In the Ace of Cups card, there is a hand emanating from the clouds holding out a cup, as if to offer he querent refreshment. This cup is overflowing with sparkling water which symbolizes natural and pristine emotion. If you accept this offer, drinking from this cup will virtually carry you nothing short of emotional in addition to spiritual success. The cup has five streams of water overflowing from the brim. These 5 streams represent the strength of intuition and display the significance of paying attention to your inner voice. In order to obtain the form of emotional or non secular fulfillment that is depicted within the Ace of Cups, the querent will need to follow this intner voice and remain true to it, no matter the situation. This will require emotional discipline, however the rewards that this could carry are hinted at within the card itself: overflowing pleasure and happiness.
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Empress tarot card

Card 2 - Empress

The Empress depicts a female sitting on a throne. From the plentiful nature that surrounds her, we can count on that this girl represents the Earth Mother archetype, a goddess of fertility. Her global is ruled by means of venus because of this that there's whole love, harmony, fertility and luxury by means of the grace of this goddess. The lady herself has blonde hair topped with stars, signaling her divine connection with the mystical realm. She is dressed in a pomegranate-patterned gown that represents fertility, and she or he is seated on cushions embroidered with a venus sign. She is surrounded by a fascinating inexperienced woodland with a river streaming through it. The Empress brings abundance and advantages in the readings of those she meets.
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