Reset Your Relationships for Spring with Evolutionary Astrology

Do you agree that relationships are being put through a series of tests of late? Some have thrived, some have spiraled and others seem to have stood the test of time just fine. 

But if there is one apparent truth, then it has to be that love is something that requires constant guidance and unending patience. Many have turned to the mystics in search of renewed support in their relationships. There is no one approach to understanding this emotion that has made and broken hearts all over the world. Evolutionary Astrology offers us some guidance regarding this vital aspect of life. 

Before we go on to explain the powers of Evolutionary Astrology and the manner in which it can change your relationships for the better, let’s begin with a clear understanding of what this modality consists of.

Defining Evolutionary Astrology and What Lies Behind It

Evolutionary Astrology is a branch of a “choice-centered” Astrology that considers the birth chart of every individual as a map. This map shows us the path our soul has chosen in the present lifetime and the reasons behind this.

If you do consider getting an Evolutionary Astrology reading done, you will have to remember that the readings are not “predictive.” They do not rigidly set boundaries for how your future is going to pan out. The evolutionary astrologer conducting your reading will help you understand the different energetic blocks you might face along your journey. 

Love and Lives 

While you may be looking up or entering a new relationship, energies that interact with you create a field that you work within to manifest your future. However, how you work and interact with the field to create meaning in your life is entirely up to you. That’s what we know as free will. 

Evolutionary astrology has a set of core perceptions that include: 

Evolutionary Astrology - Take on Relationships 

All of the relationships that we Earthlings are going to experience are going to take a turn for sure - and definitely in the right direction! 

With Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius, we are now being ushered to significantly rethink what we expect from our relationship! So what does Evolutionary Astrology have to say about this? 

Acknowledge Yourself First 

This is something that any evolutionary astrology reading is first going to spit out. The Age of Aquarius brings about a time of dedication to recognizing who you truly are as a person. An aloof zodiac sign, Aquarius brings in the energy for you to step back and take a good look at your relationships. 

Ask yourself these questions - what do you expect from this relationship? Is this relationship serving your highest good? Is this relationship hindering your emotional and spiritual journey? 

Now would be the right time to go inwards and explore the universe that exists within you. Being able to connect with what you truly desire can help you open up newer kinds of conscious conversations with those you are in a relationship with. Try a one-card online tarot reading for more guidance and clarity. 

Now if anything, that is going to benefit you in the longer run! 

Embrace Your Niche 

If you are among the many of this generation, struggling to put a name to your “situationship”, the stars are here to tell you to think again! 

With the Age of Aquarius, there is now a time when people are beginning to question the societal norms and stereotypes spread out across the world. For instance, the idea of monogamy is beginning to be questioned, with many wondering what the other alternatives to this popular type of relationship are. 

Monogamy is something that requires a personal commitment and internal dialogue, more this is more of a traditional framework. With Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, people are now recognizing newer niches and frameworks that are better suited to their needs. 

Use these energies during Spring Equinox to understand what your personal preferences and that of your partner/partners are. Recognize that it is possible to find a safe ground in balancing both partner’s requirements in the relationship. 

This can significantly boost how you respond to your connection. 

Don’t Stop Yourself From Asking Questions 

With the Age of Aquarius, many are now turning to ask questions, demanding answers on previous societal norms and rules. While the Age of Pisces (the age before Aquarius) required scores of people around the world resorting to the herd mentality, this is the right time to question all that concerns you in a relationship with someone else. 

Asking the right questions and receiving your answers can provide valuable personal insights on what your expectations for yourself and from someone else are. 

If you do not know what you want, how will you appreciate what you get? 

And if you do not receive the answers you are looking for, take a turn at a 3-Card Spread Tarot Reading. This might provide some valuable insights into your relationship. 

Evolutionary Astrology Relationship Readings 

The next step is arguably the most helpful one of all - going for an evolutionary astrology relationship reading. In an evolutionary astrology relationship reading, all aspects of the connection are taken into consideration when answering any related questions. 

Chart compatibility: This is a reading that involves both your and your significant other’s charts. The astrologist conducting the reading will work to understand how the charts interact with each other. This can help in painting a clear picture of the dynamics present within the relationship. 

Strength areas: Another chart is prepared specifically for the relationship where light is shed on what the strengths of the connection are. It also highlights any blindspots present that the partners may not be aware of. This information can be used to give the couple a healthy view of their relationship and how it can be lived to its best potential! 

Duration: Most of the readings conducted are 2.5-3 hours in duration. Clients of reputed astrologers will also receive copies of their charts and recordings of the session. 

Hence, Evolutionary Astrology can prove to provide a clearer and concrete understanding of how you can work on bringing your relationship to its highest capacity and vibration. Given that the connection between two people is something that is valued universally, a little help from the stars can go a long way! 

Article by Rachel Torgerson

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