Tarot card symbols have been used for centuries to express deep feelings and instruct readers. These images are thought to reflect a person's state of mind, their spiritual state, and even a detailed description of their path. Decades ago, the practice of tarot cards were used to predict the future. Today, they are used to guide a variety of people. People can use the cards for everything from fun to self-improvement. There are many ways to use a person's color, gemstone,eyedronicity, or even esoteric (hidden) meaning. A common misconception is that tarot cards are only an opaque reading. They are, in fact, just as rich in description as a clairvoyant reading, yet a little more flexible in their options. After all, these are just probables; the future is never a set in stone.
composure, poise, and confidence Through the tarot's straightforward approach to guidance, you will leave doubt and questions at the door. There are no "shoulds" or "should nots" with tarot cards. Instead, each card induces a movement, a shift in energy, and a healing occurs.
You can fake it, but you cannot erase It - The tarot will continue to offer its subtle messages even while you play a card game or make a statement about yourself. You can't master the tarot by avoiding playing or by denouncing a card before you see its message. Accepting a card in a deck, or even focusing on a specific card, while ignoring others, doesn't jeopardize your ability to perceive the information they represent. A tarot reader offering their interpretation without playing cards or showing you the entire spread is a deception.
Your mind must be in control of the spread if you want to read the Tarot. -Neither the rote learning nor the emotional attachment TO the spread works if you do not remain in control of your mind and your emotional state. If you can't trust your own mind, ministries, or books that regurgitate information for a public consumption, and personal self-study are a waste. In order to increase your tarot ability, increase your level of control, self-awareness, and honesty.
Tarot decks have no rituals or ceremonies - Tarot readers are healers and bringing the unusual into the ordinary. Readers are human, but their abilities do not lie only in the human part of them. Tarot training does help, but if your talent lies only in the ability to spell, no matter how brilliant that ability is, you do your best by a human standard. Strive for excellence, but be prepared to accept less than perfect results along the way.
The Tarot's wisdom should reside in each individual, but so often it's surrounded and swayed by symbolism. It's great to increase your understanding and confidence in yourself when you embark on your own journey of self-awareness, but avoid becoming dependent on symbols or divination at the cost of losing your unique expression of the archetypal images.
It can be helpful to study with a trusted professional who practices the contained teachings of a particular discipline. The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming, and you may feel as though you are uniting your reason with the plight of others who no longer exist, but this is all a part of the trap of life. No matter who you are or what talents you have, you are the bringer of judgment. No past actions are forgotten and no wrong deeds are done. You must face each moment with the awareness that your reason for wanting to save someone is because they need you. If you are unconscious in this way, the pain is multiplied when you realize that you carried this burden for someone else.
If you are consciously aware, the depth of the feelings that you portray to others will evolve. A genuine concern for others only comes out of your own needs for yourself and such an act cannot be done without insufferable pride. Human relations are probably the most direct path to caring for others, but this can be dangerous territory. Do what you do as an act of love, not obligation. You can't oversample the truth of life or the teaching that love alone is the answer.
The Tarot does not ask that you place your wishes in the needs of others. Your success is your success alone and no one else's. Through the care of the archetypes you can help and encourage others into realizing their God Given Destiny simply by pointing them to the Light and Away from the shadows. The Tarot's wisdom is meant todefense-oriented, not offense. Get off the pity party and focus on making a difference for the greater good.

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