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Arcan: Low arcan
Element: Fire, male active energy

Four of Wands Description

The Four of Wands is a passionate card, abundant with fiery energy. The Rider-Waite Tarot deck depicts the card with a stunning illustration of a duo - presumably lovers - adorned in classical robes dancing merrily beneath a floral welcome wreath composed of four poles, representing the four wands of the card. The ceremonial aspects of this card are evident, it overflows with positive energy. The castle structure in the background symbolises a sense of majesty and awe, with the duo holding flowers up to the skies, a metaphor for accomplishment and praise of the divine. Potential views of the scene are of a matrimonial union or marriage, a welcoming ceremony or a religious rite, though the most common speculation is that it represents a Jewish Wedding Chuppah or Samaritan Jewish Sukkah used for harvest festivals. The wands stand straight without the need for support, this symbolises emotional stability.

Four of Wands meaning

Waite, one of the Rider-Waite Deck’s creators, has stated that the card was drawn with the homestead in mind; country life, specifically. Its common meaning equates to comfort and harmony, a blissful life devoid of troubles. When the Four of Wands shows up during a tarot reading it usually means that now is the ideal time for you to count your blessings and spend much-needed time with your loved ones, be they friends or family. Invite them over for a private dinner party or a daytime trip to the nearest landmark or destination, or simply set aside some time to spend with them. This card is telling you to enjoy the domestic comforts you’ve got in your life currently, especially if you are going through a difficult period in your life: it’s a reminder of the good that resides in every aspect of your life regardless of how bad things might appear, it implores you to check every grey cloud for a silver lining.
Alternatively, the Four of Wands suggests a special occasion or holiday is upcoming and that good news and prosperity is coming your way.
In the mystic craft of numerology the number four means ‘balance’ - it’s a sign of stability.
Combined with its numerology meaning, when it comes to personal projects and workload it is a sign of great fortune and implies you will soon be able to reap the fruits of your hard labour. A milestone of success is blossoming.
In terms of romance getting this card could mean amorous events are approaching, such as taking the next step in one’s relationship, like moving in or getting engaged (or even married), meeting a prospective lover or even forthcoming children. By all means, if you are doing a love reading, this type of card is a reason for optimism.
In summary, the card reflects that you have reasons for celebrations, whatever they may be.

Four of Wands how someone sees you

Four of Wands as how someone sees you

Well-balanced, you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. There is nothing lacking, you’re on the right path to success in most or all of your life’s endeavours.
You’ve obtained stability in life, be that in a relationship, sense of self or career; it gives you vital balance that helps keep you stable. Others can see this and view you as a grounded individual who doesn’t suffer from absent-mindedness.
You are ready for long-term commitments, perhaps you have struggled with them in the past or felt unready to dedicate your all to something (work, love, self-growth, etc) but now you have finally reached your point of metamorphosis; your time to move on to the “next step” has arrived. (Potential) lovers and dear friends can tell this impressive change in you and will want to be around you to bask in your newly-found sense of certainty and security.
Those you surround yourself with believe you enhance their lives for the better, you’re a positive influence on them and help uplift them in times of woe.

Four of Wands reversed Meaning

Four of Wands reversed Meaning

One of the largest misconceptions about tarot is that a reversed meaning always suggests the opposite outcome; in truth, while this can be the case quite often, there are times were a reversed card suggests there is either a lack of the upright meaning(s) or an excess of it.
In terms of the Four of Wands, the most common interpretation of the reversed card would be utter chaos, a total lack of harmony and a breakdown of the home-life. This could manifest in a multitude of ways from physical objects breaking in the homestead, to broken marriages and relationships, to friendship fallouts and work troubles. In some cases, it might suggest chaos within yourself and a decline in one’s health, be it physical or mental.
Getting the reversed Four of Wands suggests a lack of support, the tension between loved ones, losing things that hold metaphysical or emotional value to you or feeling unwelcome. During this time you might be feeling unsure about your interpersonal relationships with loved ones and might be questioning where you stand with them. Potentially, this card may serve as a warning that someone you care for is not to be trusted and may end up failing you in your time of need.
Furthermore, it could suggest a surplus of comfort to the point where you feel trapped (or someone close to you feels trapped) in luxuries, either financial or emotional. This might imply feelings of restlessness or flightiness in individuals, perhaps someone close to you (or even yourself) yearns for freedom and has thoughts of “escaping”, in any possible sense of that word. Even still, depending on personal interpretation, it could suggest there is not enough love or support, or that there is not enough effort being put into making a house a home.
The remedy to a reversed Four of Cards is nuanced according to each situation but commonly can be solved by either allowing yourself or a loved one more space to be themselves; by inducing communication between family and friends; and by listening to others about their desires when it comes to your relationship with them. If the issue lies with a workplace or school system the best solution for disorder is to speak to a supervisor, manager or professor about ways to go about your problems and ask them how you may improve - alternatively work on your personal work skills such as time management and organisation.

Four of Wands dates

Apr 11- 20



Your perseverance has resulted in success, you have a reason to feel content and satisfied with your achievements. The seeds you planted in the past and watered with consistent hard work have now grown into flowering plants of victory. You should analyse your past choices and note what you did correctly to get to this point and keep it in mind for future ambitions in order to form good habits and to allow yourself similar successes in the coming months or years.


Right now what’s most important is that you accept happiness and allow it room in your heart: spend time with your family and friends and let them be there for you during times of hardships; similarly ensure you’re there for them when they need you. Everything is beginning to fall into its rightful place and hard work is paying off, you’re going to succeed if you continue as you are now. No matter what the future holds, know that you have people in your life who love you and that you are not alone.


If you continue on the path you are on you will achieve your dreams and fulfil your ambitions, but don’t get too caught up in plans for what will be: remember to enjoy the present and that choices made now will affect what will happen later. Contentment, good fortune and success are all steadily flowing to you on a river of prosperity.

Four of Wands yes or no

Yes / No

Although Tarot is primarily used for detailed divination it can be used for yes/no answers though many lack the knowledge of this fact. The Four of Wands answers “yes” to your question as it symbolises positivity, harmony, goodness and the joy that comes with new beginnings.
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