Four of Wands tarot card Arcan: Low arcan
Element: Fire, male active energy

Four of Wands Description

The Four of Wands depicts a couple which dances below the welcome wreath that is tied between four wands, that are crystal tipped. There is a cover of plant life on the cardboard which resembles the canopy that is mainly characteristic of the conventional Jewish ceremony. There seems to be a party that is going on, or some kind of welcome committee for the couple in question. You can see from the picture that it represents a time which is sprinkled with feelings of fulfillment, pride added by the real attainment of a goal.

Four of Wands meaning

The overall that means of the Four of Wands is that it heralds celebration as well as a harmonious, happy and comfortable home environment. In phrases of numerology, the number four symbolizes balance in addition to specifically dependable foundations. These are related to a period of happiness and balance.

The symbolism inside the Four of Wands poses that this is the precise time for you to get collectively with close people such as pals and family. This can be without or with any special occasion. Oftentimes the cardboard is known to reflect a length of holidays whilst you are collectively with your friends and circle of relatives for an prolonged length of time. It may be suggesting so that you can invite your closest friends for a superb and intimate dinner and share amusing or two.
Oftentimes the card is known to reflect a duration of holidays whilst you are together with your buddies and circle of relatives for an extended period of time.
Furthermore, if you have been running on a positive project, this card involves that you'll be attaining a in particular important milestone. This goes to provide you with grounds for birthday celebration which is likewise to be considered. You have managed to complete a right and paramount phase of that project, and which means you've got every purpose to be feeling proud and satisfied, which might be amongst the overall feelings caused and reflected by the Four of Wands card.

Four of Wands how someone sees you

Four of Wands as how someone sees you

- Well balanced, where you should be in life at this time. I can see "ready for the next step", what evee that may be;
- Not an airy fairy type of person but someone who can provide a secure and stable relationship or long-term commitment. This can also be the case for friendships as well as romance. A uplifting person who provides execellent company.

Four of Wands reversed Meaning

Four of Wands reversed Meaning

If the upright position of the card reflects balance, stability, and harmony, the reversal position of Four of Wands implies that there is a breakdown or complete lack of harmony in your family or in your home. It s highly likely that there is a lot of tension between the members of your family or other loved ones. If you have completed something that is important to you, you are expecting to share it with those that are closest to you, and to come home to a welcome celebration, but instead, you find a lack of support. This may leave you feeling rather uncertain when it comes to your own relationships as well as the things that you can and cannot depend on. 

Four of Wands dates

Apr 11- 20



Your consistent efforts have resulted in reward and satisfaction. The drive to create or build something has been developing in your subconscious.


Accept the support of friends and loved ones, as you cannot be strong all the time. You are on track to completing something meaningful, so do not forget that you are not alone.


By believing in yourself and applying positive energy to your decisions, you will achieve prosperity. The foundation of your future will be laid on the good deeds of your present.

Four of Wands yes or no

Yes / No

The Four of Wands represents pleasurable and harmonious new beginnings. It stands for successfully completing something in your life and brings with it feelings of happiness, balance, and forward progression toward good things to come. The answer you are seeking is yes.
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