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Joe Biden

Greatest card reads I've ever seen. My friend really like wands and swords and playing with them. He really enjoyed seeing that in his future. . Įvertinkite 5 / 5

. Įvertinkite 0 / 5


I would give your site 10 stars! Whether I do a reading with your site or just use the whole deck spread to my own questions, the meanings you’ve given each card are so good! I prefer using your meanings over the original book that came with my physical cards! I refresh the full deck spread page, with reversals turned on, after knowing what questions I am going to ask, and the cards picked are perfect! I love the in depth meanings, for upright and reversed. I love that you cover how people would see you, past present and future, and yes or no meanings. Like they were written specifically for me! Thank you for your time and effort put into making this site, I am so glad I have come across it! Very easily my go-to from this point on and have already referred it to people. Excellent! . Įvertinkite 5 / 5


Broken video link, please fix. I never viewed it. EDIT (link was fixed): Thanks for the reading, I couldn't get the video to work on your site. I found the vid through inspecting the element (I’m a developer) so you might just want to add the iframe just by itself for future clients. Oh and your reading was great thanks. I do mostly work remote so you hit that nail on the head! . Įvertinkite 5 / 5


It's very, very good but you should spell out very clearly, who is behind this software! I would like to be a premium user, but there is no price posted and I would only pay via paypal, Amazon or google! Also is this available online from a laptop and is there a version for the apple ipad? I could not find the Facebook entry. Try to spell stuff out clearly! Also is there an email address? . Įvertinkite 5 / 5


Great, just a bug when selecting one reversed card in a 2 card tarot combination, it's the other card that's considered reversed. . Įvertinkite 4 / 5

Jessica H.

The interpretation seems to be plausible. . Įvertinkite 4 / 5


this clarified everything I needed to know. I feel lighter after this reading. thank you for the accuracy & supportive messages!! . Įvertinkite 5 / 5


555 . Įvertinkite 4 / 5


I cant believe how much depth this site has. . Įvertinkite 5 / 5


Mega super ;) . Įvertinkite 5 / 5