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Aukštas arkanas Stiprumas and Žemas arkanas Šeši kalavijai deriniai:
- narsumas, paliekantis už nugaros;
- narsumas juda toliau;
- užuojauta paliekant;
- gailestingumas;
- sutelkti dėmesį paliekant;
- sutelkti dėmesį;
Strength tarot card

Card 1 - Stiprumas

In this tarot card, you will see a woman who calmly holds the jaws of a fully grown lion. Despite the fact that the lion looks menacing and strong, the woman seems to have dominion over it. What is captivating is how gracefully she controls the lion. She is calm and collected, which is representative for being in control and disciplined especially in times of great adversities. The fact that she is also holding the jaws of a lion also shows that she has courage. Her control of the lion without being too rough shows love and compassion. The blue background over the mountains shows stability and the kind of calmness that comes with being stable.  The lion is a symbol of courage, passion and desire which are very much part of the human feelings that are necessary for survival. But if these feelings are not put in check can lead to our eventual destruction.
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Six of Swords tarot card

Card 2 - Šeši kalavijai

The image in the Six of Swords shows a woman and a child in a boat being rowed in the water to a land that is on the other side. We can gather from the images that the woman and the child are leaving something behind, as their backs are faced towards us. The woman's head is covered with a cloak - perhaps she is fleeing something, and must go without others knowing her true identity. We can assume that because of this, she is undergoing great loss or sadness. The symbolism within the Six of Swords is that of loss or change, as well as moving towards a future that looks more promising than the one that we left behind. The six swords alongside the boat symbolize the strong power of the rational mind, compared to intuition and the heart.
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