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Žemas arkanas Penki taurės and Žemas arkanas Keturi kardai deriniai:
- sielvarto atstatymas;
- sielvarto apmąstymas;
savigailos atstatymas;
savigailos apmąstymas;
Five of Cups tarot card

Card 1 - Penki taurės

There are certain Tarot cards whose imagery immediately conjure up negative emotions, and the Five of Cups carries such weight. This is a card which signifies loss as well as the painful challenges which stem from that particular loss. The card depicts a figure that is wearing a black cloak. The person hides his face in what seems to be despair. There are five cups on the ground, three of which have fallen while the other two remain standing. The person, however, seem to notice that there are two standing cups as is too busy mourning over those which are fallen. There is a powerful river which flows between him and a house or a castle in the distance, indicating that a torrent of emotions have separated him from home.
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Four of Swords tarot card

Card 2 - Keturi kardai

There is a quiet stillness that is present in the Four of Swords, a sense of calm peace that is contrasted so deeply with the pain in the Three of Swords. Here, in a church, there is a carving of a knight that lies upon a tomb with three swords hanging above him while the fourth one lies beneath him. These three swords are a reminder of the suffering that he has endured in the earlier card. The position of the fourth sword seems to be a signal that the fight has ended. A child and a woman are depicted by the stained glass place behind the statue, giving the scene a sense of warmth and welcoming after the retreat. The knight has his hands positioned as if he is praying.
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