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Žemas arkanas Trys lazdelės and Aukštas arkanas Pasaulis deriniai:
- plėtimosi harmonija;
- išplėtimo pabaiga;
- greita augimo harmonija;
- greitas augimo užbaigimas;
Three of Wands tarot card

Card 1 - Trys lazdelės

The Three of Wands depicts a man who is standing on the edge of a cliff, looking over the ocean and the mountains. From the cliff edge, he sees everything that is ahead of him. The Wands are planted into the ground and surround the man as he grasps one in his hand. He seems to look forward and reflect on both the commitment that he has for his plans, as well as the method of execution in order to bring them to reality.
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World tarot card

Card 2 - Pasaulis

The World card in the tarot deck has a dancing figure at the center. The dancing figure on the card has one leg crossed over the other and holds a wand in either hand. She symbolizes balance and evolution in movement. The fulfillment and unity that she represents is not one that is static, but ever-changing, dynamic and eternal. The green wreath of flowers that surrounds the central figure is a symbol of success, while the red ribbons that wrap around it are reminiscent of infinity. There are four figures on each corner of the card - and they are the same ones that are in the Wheel of Fortune. The four figures represent Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus - representative of the four corners of the universe, the four elements, and the four evangelicals. Together, they symbolize the harmony between all of their energies.
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Trys lazdelės Pasaulis
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Pasaulis IR Teismo sprendimas
Pasaulis Saulė
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