Žvaigždė tarot card Žvaigždė prasmė Žvaigždė atvirkštinė Reikšmė

Arkanas: Aukštas arkanas
Astrologija: Aquarius
Elementas: Air

Žvaigždė apibūdinimas

The Star card shows a woman kneeling at the edge of a small pond. She is holding two containers of water. One container pours the water out to the dry land, as if to to nourish it and ensure its fertility. The lush green land around her seems to say that it is working. One foot is inside the water which shows the spiritual abilities and inner strength of the woman. The other foot on the ground shows her practical abilities and strengths. Behind her, there is a large central star surrounded by seven small stars which represent the chakras. There is bird standing at a tree branch which represents the holy ibis of thought. The Star's astrological correspondent is Aquarius.

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Žvaigždė prasmė

The Star brings hope, renewed power, and strength to carry on with life. It shows how abundantly blessed you are by the universe as evidenced by the various things around you. It may not be directly evident at the moment, for this card follows the trauma of the Tower card. Remember that you hold within you all that you need for your fulfillment - the only thing that you need is courage. For this, you have all reasons to rejoice. To see this card is a message to have faith, for the universe will bless you and bring forth all that you need.
To see this card is a message to have faith, for the universe will bless you and bring forth all that you need.
To receive the Star in your reading means that you have gone and passed through a terrible life challenge. You have managed to go through this without losing your hope. While you suffered, you perhaps were not aware of your own strength, but you are now perhaps recognizing that the loss helped you discover your own resilience and inner power. It is only now that you can really appreciate all that you have.

Žvaigždė kaip kažkas tave mato

Žvaigždė kaip tave kažkas mato

- intelligent ( spiritual and reasonably warm );
- ultimate Inspiration;
- hopeful, optimistic;
- sees you in an optimistic way;
- you appear to be slightly stubborn;
- sees you as someone who is healing from a previous, bad situation and still filled with hope for the future;
- the star symbolizes hope and it's possible he's been imagining a relationship with you;
- he/she greatly admires you and feels you are able to show your vulnerability and give love freely and he/she believes you'd support him always;
- sees person could heal them with their innocence and pure love.

Žvaigždė atvirkštinė Reikšmė

Žvaigždė atvirkštinė Reikšmė

When the Star card is reversed, it means that you are feeling as though everything has turned against you. The challenges that you would normally see as exciting seem instead to make you feel as though you cannot overcome them. You have lost faith in something, whether inside yourself or with something you normally find dear. 
Without hope, without faith, we cannot find the motivation to progress forward in the challenges that we face. Where in your life are you feeling hopeless? In what ways do you already feel defeated? And how does that affect your actions? The star reversed asks us to nurture our sense of hope and positive energy to help propel our actions with joy instead of fear.

Žvaigždė datas

Feb 9 - 18



Move on from the hardships of the past and begin your renewal. At the end of all struggles will be peace; rely on your inner strength and external support systems.


Consider balance and restraint when finding solutions to your current problems. The right amount of help and encouragement will bring harmony and happiness to your circles.


The time of your renewal is approaching. You have chosen the right path to restore your mental and physical health. By being brave enough to choose the riskier roads, you will inspire those around you.

Žvaigždė Taip arba ne

Taip / Ne

Žvaigždė simbolizuoja viltį, atsinaujinimą ir grožį. Tai rodo dvasinės ramybės, laimės ir teigiamų galimybių laikotarpį. Bendras šios kortos jausmas yra optimistiškas ir ramus. Atsakymas, kurį siūlo jo buvimas, yra teigiamas.
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Ši korta vaizduoja, koks būtų paskutinis teismo sprendimas, įvairiomis formomis, kurios įgauna daugelį mitologijų. Teismo kortos atvaizde matyti moterys, vyrai ir vaikai, kurie kyla iš kapo, norėdami atsakyti į Gabrielio trimito skambutį. Jų ištiestos rankos simbolizuoja, kad jie yra pasirengę būti vertinami visatos. Jie ruošiasi susitikti su savo kūrėju, pasveria savo veiksmus ir sužino, kur praleis likusį amžinybę: danguje ar pragare. Didžiulė potvynio banga fone rodo, kad teismo sprendimo neišvengsi ir kad šis sprendimas bus galutinis. Teismą valdo Plutonas, kuris yra požemio valdovas. Mirtyje yra šios kortos atgarsių, nes jie abu mums primena, kad viskas baigiasi ir kad ateina nauja pradžia.
The King of Pentacles refers to a man of high ambition, materialistic satisfaction, and worldly success. The King of Pentacles is sitting on a throne that is adorned with vines and bull carvings, and the robe that he is wearing is embroidered with many images of grapevines. He looks sophisticated and regal. He is also surrounded by different types of plants, vines, and flowers which depicts this king s attainment of materialistic success. He holds a scepter in his right hand and the coin with a pentacles engraved on it in his left hand. The castle can be seen behind him, which is a symbol of his determination and effort.
A well-dressed young man is boldly holding a stick standing on a barren land. His shirt is made in a salamander like pattern which is a symbol of transformation from bad to good. This young man is a passionate advocator, who is constantly spreading spiritual and social advancement ideas that lift up his fellow man. The desert in the background behind him both is indicative of his element, fire, and also represents that he is living in a world that has not bared fruit yet. His ideas are therefore completely hypothetical. However, if he were to choose to use them, and undertake the journey of his suit, his purity of heart could lead him to find better fortunes.
The Nine of Pentacles depicts a woman in the middle of a vineyard. The woman wears what appears to be a long, luxurious dress adorned with sunflowers. She seems to be part of a wealthy house, for in the far background, we see a castle. A falcon is sitting peacefully and playfully on her left hand. The vines behind her are rich and filled with grapes and golden coins, signaling that she has been very successful in her ventures, which are yielding a great and plentiful harvest.
The Empress depicts a woman sitting on a throne. From the abundant nature that surrounds her, we can assume that this woman represents the Earth Mother archetype, a goddess of fertility. Her world is ruled by venus which means that there is complete love, harmony, fertility and luxury by the grace of this goddess. The woman herself has blonde hair crowned with stars, signaling her divine connection with the mystical realm. She is dressed in a pomegranate-patterned robe that represents fertility, and she is seated on cushions embroidered with a venus sign. She is surrounded by an enchanting green forest with a river streaming through it. The Empress brings abundance and blessings in the readings of those she meets.