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The only case it might be used to


Nakisha Hunter

I'm sorry but there was no way that was about my relationship...that sounded nothing like my relationship or my old man..I've been in a 5 yr ..ongoing abusive circle jerk of a relationship..that is alwaYs in a state of repair but never seems to get any better bc he says he wants to fix it and forget the past ..I believed him I fell for it..he used such beautiful lies to lure me in..and everytime as soon as he had me... hed drop the act and start right where he'd left off the last time it got too bad and I left...same shit over and over ..a perpetual time warp. no that sounds nothing like my ex or our relationship.. . Vota 2 / 5


Great, just a bug when selecting one reversed card in a 2 card tarot combination, it's the other card that's considered reversed. . Vota 4 / 5

Jessica H.

The interpretation seems to be plausible. . Vota 4 / 5


this clarified everything I needed to know. I feel lighter after this reading. thank you for the accuracy & supportive messages!! . Vota 5 / 5


555 . Vota 4 / 5


I cant believe how much depth this site has. . Vota 5 / 5


Mega super ;) . Vota 5 / 5