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Broken video link, please fix. I never viewed it. EDIT (link was fixed): Thanks for the reading, I couldn't get the video to work on your site. I found the vid through inspecting the element (I’m a developer) so you might just want to add the iframe just by itself for future clients. Oh and your reading was great thanks. I do mostly work remote so you hit that nail on the head! . Vota 5 / 5


It's very, very good but you should spell out very clearly, who is behind this software! I would like to be a premium user, but there is no price posted and I would only pay via paypal, Amazon or google! Also is this available online from a laptop and is there a version for the apple ipad? I could not find the Facebook entry. Try to spell stuff out clearly! Also is there an email address? . Vota 5 / 5


Great, just a bug when selecting one reversed card in a 2 card tarot combination, it's the other card that's considered reversed. . Vota 4 / 5

Jessica H.

The interpretation seems to be plausible. . Vota 4 / 5


this clarified everything I needed to know. I feel lighter after this reading. thank you for the accuracy & supportive messages!! . Vota 5 / 5


555 . Vota 4 / 5


I cant believe how much depth this site has. . Vota 5 / 5


Mega super ;) . Vota 5 / 5