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Le carte contano: 22
Created: 2022-12-12 by user Megan Cornell
taro card Nine of Pentacles
Nove di pentacoli
taro card Six of Swords
Sei di spade
taro card Page of Wands
Pagina di bacchette
taro card King of Wands
Re delle bacchette
taro card Sun
taro card Temperance
taro card Four of Wands
Quattro di bacchette
taro card Ace of Cups
Asso di coppe
taro card Justice
taro card Ace of Swords
Asso di spade
taro card Star
taro card Two of Cups
Due di coppe
taro card Two of Swords
Due di spade
taro card Knight of Cups
Cavaliere di Coppe
taro card King of Pentacles
Re dei pentacoli
taro card King of Swords
Re di spade
taro card Five of Pentacles
Cinque di pentacoli
taro card Magician
taro card Four of Pentacles
Quattro di pentacoli
taro card Seven of Cups
Sette di tazze
taro card Knight of Pentacles
Cavaliere dei Pentacoli
taro card Six of Pentacles
Sei dei pentacoli
taro card Six of Cups
Sei di coppe
taro card Chariot
taro card Four of Cups
Quattro di coppe
taro card Seven of Pentacles
Sette di pentacoli
taro card Ten of Pentacles
Dieci pentacoli
taro card Knight of Wands
Cavaliere di Bastoni
taro card Three of Swords
Tre di spade
taro card High Priestess
Grande sacerdotessa
taro card Eight of Wands
Otto di bacchette
taro card Eight of Swords
Otto di spade
taro card Nine of Wands
Nove di bacchette
taro card Seven of Swords
Sette di spade
taro card Emperor
taro card Three of Pentacles
Tre dei pentacoli
taro card Ten of Swords
Dieci di spade
taro card Queen of Pentacles
Regina dei Pentacoli
taro card Empress
taro card Ace of Wands
Asso di bacchette
taro card Nine of Swords
Nove di spade
taro card Hanged Man
taro card Queen of Wands
Regina delle bacchette
taro card Six of Wands
Sei di bacchette
taro card Tower
taro card Page of Pentacles
Pagina dei pentacoli
taro card Hierophant
taro card Five of Cups
Cinque di Coppe
taro card Ten of Wands
Dieci bacchette
taro card Hermit
taro card Moon
taro card Eight of Cups
Otto di tazze
taro card Page of Cups
Pagina di Coppe
taro card Knight of Swords
Cavaliere di spade
taro card World
taro card Queen of Cups
Regina di coppe
taro card Five of Swords
Cinque di spade
taro card Nine of Cups
Nove di tazze
taro card Three of Wands
Tre di bacchette
taro card King of Cups
Re delle coppe
taro card Devil
taro card Wheel of Fortune
Ruota della fortuna
taro card Queen of Swords
Regina di spade
taro card Three of Cups
Tre di coppe
taro card Two of Wands
Due di bacchette
taro card Strength
taro card Four of Swords
Quattro di spade
taro card Ace of Pentacles
Asso di pentacoli
taro card Eight of Pentacles
Otto di pentacoli
taro card Two of Pentacles
Due dei pentacoli
taro card Judgement
taro card Lovers
taro card Five of Wands
Cinque di bacchette
taro card Fool
taro card Ten of Cups
Dieci tazze
taro card Death
taro card Seven of Wands
Sette di bacchette
taro card Page of Swords
Pagina di spade

Very similar custom tarot spreads

Site mentioned in source section. Pls check out the link for more info.
Cards count: 9
1) The Issue;
2) Outer Bands;
3) Right-Front Quadrant;
4) Environment;
5) Eye Wall;
6) Eye Wall: The Remix;
7) Damage;
8) Clearing Skies;
9) Recovery.
So here is a spread that gives you the basic outline for a backstory. One of the areas has to do with a professional life. If you’re dealing with a young character who might not have experienced a professional life, this can be interchanged with a social life, education, etc. Likewise, if you’re dealing with an older character and you want to include a social and/or education experience, all you have to do is add rows to the spread.
Cards count: 16
1) Family Life;
2) Difficulties in family life;
3) Success in overcoming the difficulties in family life;
4) How does family life affect their plot;
5) Romantic Life;
6) Difficulties in romantic life;
7) Success in overcoming the difficulties in romantic life;
8) How does romantic life affect their plot;
9) Social Life;
10) Difficulties in social life;
11) Success in overcoming the difficulties in social life;
12) How does social life affect their plot;
13) Ideology that carries on into the story;
14) Challenge/difficulty to the ideology;
15) How they react to the ideology being challenged;
16) How the ideology and events around it affect the plot.
"I’m a sucker for good characters. An interesting crew of people can keep me hooked even when the story has other weaknesses. This spread will help give your characters depth and intrigue."
Cards count: 6
1) Initial development state. This card, contrasted with the last card, will help determine how the character grows during the events of the story.;
2) Who they are within;
3) Who they are without (or what aspects they show to the world);
4) Greatest strength;
5) Greatest weakness;
6) Final development state. How the character has transformed over the span of the novel..