Il metodo di diffusione della croce celtica fornisce informazioni su:

# 1 - La prima carta presenta la condizione attuale in cui si trova la persona della lettura. Cosa li circonda e cosa è coinvolto nella domanda che stanno affrontando?
# 2 - La seconda carta viene posizionata sulla prima carta, rivolta verso sinistra e viene sempre letta in posizione verticale. Mostra quale sia l'ostacolo principale che deve essere superato, o quale sia la cosa che trattiene la persona. Se questa è una carta positiva, può essere la paura o l'invidia delle circostanze che stanno trattenendo la persona.
#3 – The third card reveals subconscious influences. What does the subject of the reading truly desire? These unknown influences have a powerful effect on a person’s everyday life, especially in situations relating to the question.
NOTE: If the second card shows a positive condition and the third card shows a negative condition the person the reading is about is creating a negative outcome for themselves because they believe they are not good enough to get the positive outcome shown by the second card.
# 4 - La quarta carta mostra quali strumenti ha la persona a sua disposizione e cosa può usare per superare l'ostacolo indicato dalla seconda carta per raggiungere il suo obiettivo finale, mostrato dalla terza carta.
NOTE: The fourth card can show negative aspects, but they can be used to achieve the overall goal indicated by the third card. OR, if the second card is positive and the third and fourth cards are negative the person is using what is indicated by the fourth card to create the negative outcome they subconsciously desire.
#5 – The fifth card shows the past of the situation. What past events or issues are presently bugging the person? A negative past may harm their current condition and they will need to let go of it to stop it from influencing their current condition negatively so they can overcome the obstacle indicated by the second card. A positive past should be acknowledged as inspiration. Even though the person may be facing a problem at the moment the obstacle they face is a natural progression and evolution of the positive past they had the pleasure of experiencing and once they overcome the situation things will be even better than in the past.
#6 – The sixth card is the headlight. Where is the person heading? What path are they following? If the card says there is a negative energy on the way the five previous cards should give a good indication of why this is coming and what can be done to avoid this condition from arising by redirecting the person’s life to a better track.
#7 – The seventh card represents the person’s attitude. It represents your actions, thoughts, and ideas regarding the issue at hand. This will give you insight into whether the person’s attitude is conducive to a desirable outcome or whether it’s time to change the way they perceive the situation.
#8 – The eighth card is an energy card. What kind of energy do is the person getting from the people surrounding them and their environment? Are the energies helpful? Or is it time for a change of scenery?
#9 – The ninth card symbolizes what the person wants or fears. This is a revelation card. It signifies the things that they should know and be aware of in their current situation as it might influence the way the person is acting. Something they should never neglect.
#10 – Final card symbolizes the outcome. Based on the current energies, this will have a strong connection with the sixth card. What does it say? Are the energies complementing or conflicting with each other? The final card can also indicate whether the person can avoid the immediate future represented by the sixth card, or whether it is a necessary obstacle they need to face.

Select 10 cards. The cards will show answers.