Emerald had different title in Ancient Greece as smaragdos which translates as Green stone. In India it calls as marakata - green glowing.


A luxurious gem is an amulet of creative people. In down-to-earth individuals, it awakens hidden talents, can kindle an interest in philosophy. Emerald is the protector of travelers, sailors, businessmen. This is the guardian of expectant mothers. It is believed that a noble mineral brings material well-being. Contact with emerald is useful for the vulnerable psyche of Cancers. The gem gives them joy and peace of mind. For closed natures, the stone helps to overcome stiffness, to establish communication with people.




The stone is associated with longevity, prosperity, strong marriage. Creates a powerful defense against envy. Pearls may lose their wonderful luster. In this way, he warns the owner of an impending illness.




A translucent bluish-silver mineral absorbs lunar energy, relieving a person from the exciting influence of the full moon. For Cancer, this is essential. Moonstone (usually Adular) is useful for those who are looking for their love. The mineral softens the temper of the owner, suggests a reasonable way out of a difficult situation, promotes a career.




This is the name of mineral samples, the greenish and golden overflows of which resemble the mysterious brilliance of cat's pupils. These are tourmaline, beryl and chrysoberyl. Their properties are useful for those who want to attract the attention of others, to establish communication with work colleagues and family members. These stones contribute to career success.