Create you own custom tarot cards spread
Ask the card to tell you how someone see you? Then go a little deeper with a two more cards.
Want to know what someone is thinking?
Figure out what someone/thing's true intentions towards you are
To anticipate/foresee the near future within the next six month, since the point of date drawing cards. Have to be re-draw if there is any dramatical change within these 6 months.
When I can’t read someone I turn to the cards! Just ask... What is “Jeff’s” energy towards me? A lot of times I need to reflect on that card so I’ll pull another card to help with the meaning. Then want to know the outcome of course!


Love problems
Describes your current situation and offers some advice.
Often times we find ourselves at a crossroad. We find it difficult to choose between two paths. Sometimes one could be easy but not exciting and the other could be difficult but not up to the mark. Some decisions we just like to leave it to fate, but what if a Tarot spread can help? Sometimes having a glance at the overall picture can help. Of course, there are many possibilities and hence recommend using this spread only once. With this my Simple tarot spread series comes to an end.
Sometimes you need a little clarity. Just a two card spread to help you.
For ones stuck in the middle of a love triangle.
yes? yes -> how? no? no -> why?
A 6 card soulmate spread to foretell the circumstances of your meeting, their appearance, personality, background and your future together
a spread that reveal a karma way and how to deal with it, and your best way to learn with this and evolve.
deep relationship tarot spread to explore your relationships and deepen them. Source:
What are his/her sexual thoughts about me right now
It what direction is this relationship heading?
If you're looking for a sign
Just a general love reading, can use clarifying cards if you would like
Help understanding which deities are contacting you
2 card spread for decision making
ten of swords ace of swords queen of swords knight of wands
questioning about your potential love interest?
The Broken Heart spread can be used for a relationship that has just ended but there is hope of getting back together or for a relationship that is going through a rough patch. It gives a good, thorough overview of the relationship without going into too much detail if you struggle with large spreads.
Grab your book, and open your mind for any deity to contact you. This spread will determine if you are being contacted by someone and who.
6 card past life spread
Card 1 is the month the reading takes place , card 2 is the month after So if you start reading in the months of July ,card 1 would represent July ,card 2 would be August,3 September,4,October and the last card would represent June the following year. Remember is you do this reading late in a month after 20th then card 1 would represent the next month.
current situation, advice, outcome
will give a detailed description on future mate
What does she look likr
A detailed look into your partners feelings.
While this spread will not directly identify a deity that is influencing your life or wishing to work with you, it will give a lot of information about the deity, how they are manifesting in your life, and what you can do to begin working together. (taken off Tumblr)
Helps to understand what's going on around you and within you
What, if anything, does a person feel about me?
This is know whats to come in the following week.
Spirit Guides, angels, deities, ghosts, source energy, divine beings...whatever you believe... Here's a spread for those times you want to connect with something higher. I love using the tarot to practice my channeling.

Love 1

A spread to learn about your past life.
This is to figure out if/what entity is trying to contact you. If there is someone/thing trying to contact you, you should probably follow this reading up with my True Intentions Spread.
what is your shadow self? Basically its the unconscious side of us.
What do my spirit guides have to tell me? What are the problems in my life? how do I fix them?
A spread to deal with any doubts that might be plaguing your mind at the moment. (I did not create this spread, a link to the original image is below)
A short list of possible futures
this is a spread for a negative situation where your head is fogged and it's hard to discern what's happening. hopefully this helps clear your mind a bit?
Title says all

A or B

This is a briefly a tarot reading for firm yes or no questions. Appropiate questions only and no testing. Faith is all about magick.
A message from your future self
To give you insight


Why did I have this nightmare and its causes tarot spread
Self Explanitory
Insight on a current situation
The "mother wound" refers to one's relationship with his mother, as well as the obstacles and hardships present in it.
This is a four card spread that is meant to be looked at as a whole in order to determine the answer to your question.
The cards are shuffled with your question and energy being put in the cards any upright card is a yes any reversed card is a no
Ask a question answerable by either yes or no. Upright cards indicate yes, and reversed cards indicate no. Its from the site above
It gives you information about his/her attitude in a situation
who wants me to work best with Them?
This is a spread for all of those who feel lost. Hopefully this reading will provide your guidance.
For those who are seeking to find, connect, and/or speak, with a deity/deities.
from emerald lotus divination
One card for each month split into groups of three (Jan Feb March / April May June etc), Each quarter has an overview card, And one more card to sum up the year ahead

Love 2

Outlook for the week.
is it worth it?
to see if someone is to be trusted in any way
1, 2, 3 is the energies curently effecting the situation 4,5,6, how the past has shaped this situation 7,8,9 what energy will influence the resolution 10,11,12 the probable outcome Optional cards 13,14,15 energy that you can use or actions you can take to alter the outcome, if desired
Wondering where your life is going? Maybe this will help
This spread is to read how your day will go. Best to be done in the morning
A single spread for moving forward
I want to know about me
I was looking for my deity and read about a tarot spread that can help with finding your patron. Hope it helps
A spread to help making difficult choices
Keys to your own self discovery.
Deck used to confirm deity
Use in order to get a good idea of where things are going with a new deity, or to check-in with a familiar one.
A guide to contacting ghosts. A safer alternative to the Ouija
1- if yes: is it important for her at all this attraction? 2 - if no: for not being that captivating, does she like you at all or you're more of a neutral to her?
Reflection of what difficult choices you need/want to make. 2 known choices + additional info and a 3rd potential unseen choice + additional info.
This is a spread to help you strengthen your overall magical abilities by understanding your weaknesses and how to use your strengths to develop them. NOT MINE Source:


Guidance, intuition
idfk Man just vibing
Used for identifying deities to work with
A spread for figuring out what’s really weighing you down and how to overcome it.
Identifying and tackling obstacles
Beltane Spread
answering my own concerns
To figure out your Childhood(past), Present Canon*, Future of Present Canon* and Death from your past life. Using any kintype of your choice. Present Canon refers to where your character is during the media in which they are in, or the 'present time' of the character's life. For example, Say you were reading for a character that is still alive, you would say their present canon is what happens after their show/game/source ends. Present Canon for a character who is dead, it may be best to pinpoint a time period in your memories where you deem would be a good middleground to base your reading on. Either way, you're bound to find something out.
2 triangles
One of many spreads to help figure out what deity is contacting you.
A comprehensive daily reading
For finding your familiar.
This card tells us what to expect for the next 10 years with each year having it's own description through the cards
A guide to finding out how to work towards loving yourself
10/3/20 Full Harvest Moon in Aries


Assess your social situation
This spread gives an energetic snapshot of the querants feelings, environment and obstacle at the current moment. I use this before a main spread to get an energetic picture of the person.


Detailed analysis of the problem(s) in relationship with another/specific person (who can be lover, spouse, friend, child, mother-in-law, etc. - choose one)
What does Spirit need me to focus on?
This spread gives the answer to a Yes / No question, with added insight as to the reasons it favorites influencing the outcome. The spread is laid by having the questioner shuffle the deck while thinking of what they want to know that can be answered by Yes / No. Once they've formulated their question, you will draw the first of 3 cards by pulling from the top of the deck, laying it out before you and contributing to do so until you either reach and Ace card or you've laid 13 cards, whichever comes first. The second and third cards are drawn and laid the same looking for an Ace or the 13th draw. When finished there should be 3 stacks of cards. INTERPRETATION any upright Ace signifies YES, a reversed Ace means NO... any other cards in the deck are insight as to the reading or factors influencing the outcome, and should be read and applied to the question respectively.
The Ultimate Love Spread
determine your deity
Tarot and archtypes
curse of strahd
Use this spread to help enhance your understanding of your deck
As Above, So Below Get the 411 on what may be upside down in your world and calling out to you for assistance in this moment.
1st card: present situation 2nd card: my expectations 3rd card: the unexpected 4th card: possible short-term outcome 5th card: possible long-term outcome
A look into one of your friendships.
What's happening
This spread will provide you with guiden


love will we reconcile
When you're at a crossroads in your relationship.


Having questions? Here is how it could go
It is intended to be used with deities, daimon, or spirit guides with whom you have recently made significant contact. So, for example, a new patron or matron. However, you can remove or change any questions that are not relevant to you. The Laurel On My Head Deity Communication spread will help give you insight into your past and present relationships with the deity or spirit in question. For starters, each question in this spread is directly linked to the card immediately below it or directly across from it in the spread. To a lesser degree, cards will also be linked to any cards directly above them in the spread. The cards are (supposed to be) arranged in a circle starting at the top. At the top are both 1 (left) and 2 (right). From there, you go down the circle alternating sides. 3 is directly below 1 (while still shaping a circle), 4 is below 2, 5 is below 3, etc. Once the circle is made of the first 12, 13 and 14 just go in the middle.
Simple 3 card tarot for beginners ( Friendship )
Overall energy of the trip, what will I learn from the trip, what could go negatively within the trip
Find out your dream job and introspection about your career.
This is a spread I wrote to use when my own gender dysphoria acts up out of nowhere and I need a little help. NOT MINE ORIGINAL IS HERE---> pls check out the link for more info
spread for clarification on bad mental health, specifically body dysmorphia and eds.
Draws 8 tarot cards, each has its own category. Cards will be completely random, so uprights and reversals are possible. You can however treat them all as just uprights and go from there. Inspired by: Mark McElroy &
Zestaw potrzebny do podejmowania decyzji.
Find your diety
spread to identify a deity
Get more info on your future lover (not my original spread).
use this spread to help you better understand who your deity is and what the are trying to tell you
simple past present future
what are you doing wrong when trying to cross the hedge
The vista seer uses this unique reading for the adventurers who come to see her
Understanding this card in relation to you
In depth Understanding this card in relation to yourself. Shuffle your deck well while you think about your seemingly troublesome situation. Shuffle and shuffle well! Now, carefully turn the deck over face-up. While cycling/discarding your cards in order as they appear, find the Ten of Swords. The card which comes up just before the Ten of Swords goes in Card Placement Two. The card which comes up just after the Ten of Swords goes in Card Placement Three. Make sure to place the Ten of Swords in Card Placement One. Now, go back to your deck and shuffle well, again! And draw cards, in your usual way, for Card Placements Four through Seven. Take a deep breath and know that everything gets better. Then, shuffle your deck again. When you’re done shuffling, place the card from the top of the deck (whatever ‘top’ means to you) in Card Placement Eight. And, place the card from the bottom of the deck (again, whatever ‘bottom’ means to you) in Card Placement Nine. CARD (1) - 1ST POSITION - IS THE 10 OF SWORDS


Find your deity.
Get a general reading with six cards (not my original spread)
For identifying any deities that may be contacting you.


Tarot spread to celebrate Litha.
The Evergreen Yule Tarot Spread. Source:
Have no ideia where it comes from. Cuz im also feeling beautiful, loved, fortunate and super grateful for the way everything in my life is evolving.
A 3 card pull for the new moon
From here: A way to generate characters.
Help you make decisions
Who's contacting you and why.
Card 01 - Who is this deity? You can basically look at this card as doing two things. The first thing is verification, to make sure you know which deity you’re dealing with. I’m especially in love with this position because I have a problem of asking after a particular deity and then getting a different one answering me when I do this spread. The second part comes into play in figuring out which aspect of a deity you’re dealing with, if it comes to that. I have noticed that a lot of the deities I work with will present a COMPLETELY different side of themselves to others. It’s nice to know who you’re getting. Card 02 - What will our relationship be like? This card kind of colours how I interpret the other cards in the reading. A friendly, easy going relationship will cause me to look at the cards differently than a distant, business-like relationship. But it also serves the obvious purpose of warning you of what you’re getting into. Card 03 - What do they want from me? If you’re picturing me asking this question in a sort of desperate and hopeless way then you are correct XD;; But yeah, knowing what’s expected or required of you is always a handy thing to check. Card 04 - How can I best make this happen? It’s kind of difficult to determine how to actually go about what you need to do, that thing and that’s what this card is for. The first time I did this reading, it was hijacked by another deity who wanted to go out of their way to make sure I knew things were over between us — and the card I got in position #3 was the Two of Swords and the card I got here was the Ten of Swords. I needed to let go and acknowledge that our goals are too different to really reconcile with each other. And in my case, to do that, I needed to realize that the circumstances had changed irrevocably. (Ten of Swords, for me, is not only a death more final than Death, it’s an end to all pretenses and a revelation of total Truth.) Card 05 - What may get in my way? Because when is anything ever easy, right? To continue on my last example, what was getting in my way of moving on was my deeply rooted fear of change, of having to rebuild, and an unwillingness to dismantle what was no longer working so that I could build something better, and a fear that if things went wrong, I would have no safe space to turn to. Card 06 - Ultimate outcome of the relationship. Straightforward enough, I think.
A spread for the month
Coaching Spread


A quick and easy spread to help you decide between two options.
Deity identification spread
Yule Christmas Tarot Spread Source:
Deathly Hallows Tarot Spread by IggyMarauder on DeviantArt Source:


to celebrate lammas
Quali sono i sentimenti per me?
Quick look, forecast, and advice into family (partner + kids) and work.
From here: "This is tarot spread that I've designed for randomly creating characters for use in roleplaying games and possibly other forms of storytelling as well."


Made with lots of love and thought this tarot card spread allows you to delve deep into your hair growth journey if you have cut your hair into a pixie hair cut. This tarot spread will help you answer some of your own questions about how long will it take for you to grow all your hair out down to the middle of your back or below your breast bone, this spread will cover your reasons for cutting your hair in the first place, are you happy with your hair, why would it be a good idea to keep it in a pixie hair cut, the best advice to grow your hair long, or the best advice for what you should do if you'd rather keep it short, how to handle situations with nagging friends or parents who ask you annoying questions like, "why did you cut your hair?" "Are you going to grow it out" "i like it but it's just not you" "i liked your hair better when it was longer..." types of statements and questions and finally the energy or out come of the expected events when your hair finally is long again or, instead, when you finally have the full confidence to shut the haters and shamers down and express your new found pixie cut with full confidence and pride! so as you can see this tarot spread goes both ways and has exciting questions and needed questions, questions that itch that burning and tempting scratch ! and it answers questions that are relatable and satisfy the need for closure with your hair for a bright new beginning with the style of your choice. long, short, or medium length! or cool funky stylish fashion cuts. you could have some geometric shapes in there! who knows! This tarot spread will cover all the aspects you need to love and care for your hair i may even include questions such as: if i get a cool and geometric artistic hair cut with fun colors what will people's reaction be towards me? What will people's reaction be towards me if i grow my hair longer and style it to make it look pretty, modern, feminine and chic? This tarot spread all derives from my personal experience of having longer gorgeous curls that i would heat style and have put up in gorgeous hair styles and also from having a very interesting and sometimes dark and happy experience having a pixie hair cut. So i am very aware of what us women go through regarding the energetic and emotional attachments to our gorgeous locks.
Finding answers for your fur baby? Well try this spread and their messages will pass through!
Based on Angel on the Path oracle spread. Reversals are used for maximum accuracy.
Good for Sabbat planning in divination
A good general spread to do weekly; not my original idea
A short way of contacting a deity or figuring out who has contacted you.


find what your deity is
Deity Identification for those who use divination most commonly.
Happy Holidays to you! Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the Solstice, Festivus or just enjoying the cheeriness that comes this time of year, we wish you health and happiness.... Source:
Lammas is a celebration of the bounties of the Earth as well as the fullness of life. It is a time of sacrificing, sharing of the energies you are receiving and giving thanks for the fruits of your labor. This spread is designed to showcase what you are receiving from the Earth as well as what you still need to work on. Use this advice to share the wealth and transform your life into what you want it to be.


This is a spread for all of the over anxious and over hyped American citizens, peoples, and any poor Canadians caught up in the proverbial crossfire. Will one find solace through their own self realizations and awakenings. Or get Purged before Cern can fix the timelines.
Quali sono i sentimenti per me?
From here: "I didn’t see any of these, so I guessed I should make one! The cards can be drawn at random or you can meditate on them, you an draw as many cards for position as you want, you can use any kind of cards, runes, stones, crystals, whatever you want. This serves more as an inspiration than anything else."
From "I’m a sucker for good characters. An interesting crew of people can keep me hooked even when the story has other weaknesses. This spread will help give your characters depth and intrigue."
From here: "Every character s the hero of his own story. While you don’t want to delve into the backstory of ever random bartender and postman who strays through your tale, you do want those characters who have multiple lines or appear in more than one scene to be textured individuals. It’s worth spending a few minutes thinking about these characters so that when they appeaer you can draw them vividly and deeply with a few quick, but authoritative, authorial strokes."
From here: So here is a spread that gives you the basic outline for a backstory. One of the areas has to do with a professional life. If you’re dealing with a young character who might not have experienced a professional life, this can be interchanged with a social life, education, etc. Likewise, if you’re dealing with an older character and you want to include a social and/or education experience, all you have to do is add rows to the spread.


7 cards autumn
Nên chọn cái này hay cái kia? Lợi và hại của cả 2?
Nên chọn cái này hay cái kia? Lợi và hại của cả 2?
چه زمانی وسیله را میخرم
چه زمانی دوره من شروع میشود
chegando, algo, um negocinho que seja
going out with her seems worrisome
Some people like to play Magic: the Gathering, and some like to use Tarot cards. This spread is inspired by that game, and is most easily understood for use by those who do both. It isn't a joke of a spread though; it can show some potentially important things to some who do it that they never thought to consider before. Draw 10 cards. Place the first 5 face-down in a pentagon, clockwise, from the top. Place the 6th face-down in the middle. Take the 4 remaining and place them face-up wherever you feel those cards belong in the context of the other 6; these cards may be between others. Then, once you have placed the 4 wild cards, overturn the 6 original cards.
Especially useful for quick readings
---2--- -5---6- 7-----8 -3---4- ---1--- Some context on the spread: This was done based on numerology around leap day: - 8 (2/29/2020) (associated cards in green): abundance, harmony, growth, expansion - 2 (February) (associated cards in light teal): meaning, soul, purpose, voice, creation, harmony, teamwork - 11 (29th) (associate cards in pink): enlightening/awakening, inspiration, creation, reality/existence 8 cards for 2/29/2020.Portal shape since leap day represents an energy portal. Related on numerology from interview with Mary Shannon: This is actually my first spread design since I couldn't find a leap day spread online that I liked. feedback welcome, especially around how you personally interpret the associations.
A good general spread to do weekly; not my original idea
To see what deity it is/ what is to come out of it.
Quick look and advice into family (partner + kids) and work.
Create you own custom tarot cards spread
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