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Devil, Tower

- materialism broken pride materialism;
- materialism broken pride playfulness;
- materialism disaster materialism;
- materialism disaster playfulness;
- playfulness broken pride materialism;
- playfulness broken pride playfulness;
- playfulness disaster materialism;
- playfulness disaster playfulness;
- A time of truth. Either a periodof fear and hiding or a time of triumph and glory. Theexperience of suddenly waking up to clear reality. ( by Bill Heidrick );
Full combination description - Devil upright AND Tower upright

Devil, Judgement

The Devil is obsession and addiction. These may be sexual, drugs, alcolhol, or even stamp collecting. It is all comsuming. Combinded with Judgement that is a self awakening card, being aware about yourself, who you are. This mixture could be saying that this man or woman is aware of who they are, what they are able to and no longer control. They have feelings(depending at the cup card) but they do no longer want to hurt you, due to the fact they recognise themselves and recognize that eventually they may harm you. Don't be amazed in the event that they back away from you. This is actually a very noble move through a person who is controled by the Devil.
Full combination description - Devil AND Judgement

Devil, Judgement

- Dominion over the earth.
A situation of seemingly absolute power over something
or someone. Also payment of debts.
- addiction ;
- materialism ;
- playfulness ;
- Dominion over the earth. Asituation of seemingly absolute power over something orsomeone. Also payment of debts. ( by Bill Heidrick );
Full combination description - Devil upright AND Judgement upright

Tower, Judgement

- A failure will occur owing
to excessive excitement and lack of judgment. A good
time to consider insurance.
- sudden upheaval ;
- broken pride ;
- disaster ;
- A failure will occur owing toexcessive excitement and lack of judgment. A good time toconsider insurance. ( by Bill Heidrick );
Full combination description - Tower upright AND Judgement upright

Judgement, Tower

- Restraint is necessary. Too excitable. With restraint, a good time to do physical labor;
- reflection sudden upheaval;
- reflection broken pride;
- reflection disaster;
- reckoning sudden upheaval;
- reckoning broken pride;
- reckoning disaster;
- awakening sudden upheaval;
- awakening broken pride;
- awakening disaster;
- Restraint is necessary. Tooexcitable. With restraint, a good time to do physicallabor. ( by Bill Heidrick );
Full combination description - Judgement upright AND Tower upright

Judgement AND Devil AND Tower AND Six of Pentacles AND Seven of Cups

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