One tarot card spread

All you need is one tarot card spread. You don’t need to buy one. You can make one from paper if you want – or buy one. One tarot card spread is enough.

One tarot card is great for all Tarot card reading needs and likes. You can use one tarot card for a general reading, or use one tarot card for a detailed look at a person or situation. Or, you can use a spread for a special situation, one that relates to your interests, or all you wish to communicate with. No need to multiply or divided these cards, or change their meanings, just use them to see what the cards say immediately about a person or situation.

A one tarot card reading is easy. Just pick one of the cards and spread the cards. Lay the spread on the table, face down, so that all the cards are facing you. Look at the card. Close your eyes and mind the message to this spread. Maintain your focus on this message for a minute or two. erase the cards, put them away and get on with other things. Only when you start to feel a message or the strength of a message to be received, do you wake up and start writing or draw the cards. Quartz is most often used for a one tarot reading.

A two tarot spread is also easy to use. Lay the two cards on the table, shuffle them and pick the one card you most feel needs to be interpreted. Write or draw this card and interpret it. You can also interpret cards at the end of the spread, based on what you’ve written or drawn. Three tarot cards are usually used when a psychic does not need additional assistance.

A more complex spread of ten tarot cards is called the Death/rebirth spread. Two of the ten cards need to be at least partially self-evident, and the rest can be a mixture of cards from the Major and Minor Arcana. Be sure the two cards you select are the two Death and Rebirth spread, and the two Cross references in the Minor Arcana. Otherwise, you will have a hard time to correctly interpret the spread. Two of the ten cards need to be at least partially self-evident, and the rest can be a mixture of cards from the Major Arcana.

Of course, the more common way of doing a one tarot reading is to have the reader tell you what the cards mean, and you interpret the message given to you by the cards. There are some readers who are great at telling you what the cards mean, but they require the reader to do a great deal of practice and build up stamina and control to do this part of the reading. I don’t advise this method. It takes too much time and effort and the message given to you by the cards is often misinterpreted. I suggest you use the cards to convey a message, not the words that come directly from the cards.

An alternative to one tarot reading is a spread of multiple tarot cards. Typically these are the kinds of spreads used when a reader wants to know something more general such as: Which card make people act funny? Which one of the lucky stripping clubs your in need of bookings at? Or which way to cut that ribbon back at work you should use to avoid gossip and get along with your boss. This is a fun way to have your tarot cards read for you and your lucky guesses will be reflected in the outcome.

The voices of the angels and higher energies will also speak to you through your tarot cards. They will often ask you questions that can only be answered from the cards that you are carrying around with you in your pockets or purse. One time my sister carried around a silver necklace with a set of angel avatars on each arm. She was so stubborn in making up rules and determination that the silver angel avatars would not obey her. She was frequently interrupted and this caused a lot of problems for her. She was very tiny compared to her stubborn sister and she could not be Carnegieawattsly either! The silver angelesses didn’t like her very much either and they chided her through herilion.

Before we go on further, one tarot reader does not necessarily make a great conversationalist. If you are in any doubt, do not even go to a tarot reader with such concerns. It is also a lie to say a tarot reading will make your voice heard. If left unanswered, the lead singer of the next partnership will still find a partner. Does that sink in? currents will form, planets will align in the sky, but it won’t be because you called.

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