Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

Celtic cross tarot spread

The Celtic Cross is one of the most popular and comprehensive tarot spreads. It consists of ten cards laid out in a specific pattern, offering deep insights into various aspects of your question or situation. This spread covers your past, present, and future, along with hidden influences and potential outcomes.

History and Significance

A lot of beliefs come from stories that we have heard or have read. Many of those stories come from ancient history, but they do not necessarily have to be. There are many beliefs that have come from the tarot.

The Celts and the Isle of Druim

Celtic Cross Photo by Sebd (CC BY 2.5)
Celtic Cross Photo by Sebd (CC BY 2.5)

The Celts, in Celtic Cross culture, believed that anyone could ride a horse across the Isle of Druim (also known as Drown Land) to the other side. They also believed that the isle was only for one day and that it had to be saved, recovered, and delivered all the Jews alive from Egypt. Getting on a boat and setting out to the lake was a symbol of the peoples’ hope and the isle’s resurrection.

The Transformation with Christianity

When Christianity spread into Europe, the isle’s mystical significance became lost. The isle became a symbol of paganism instead. It was only when Christianity itself revived in the 18th century that the isle regained its mystic representational value.

Connection to the Earth

Our deep connection to the earth can be found in the corniced black iron bells that are striking their mark across the country. They rang church from Midea to Bethany on the Corniced Iron which was the Brunel or hills of the obscure. The Brunel Hill is an isle rising in the Duchan (or Dauphin) in the west of Gaul. It is the ancient name of the site where the famous Druid mystic, Rhiannon, or Rhiannon, ministered and her temples.

Sacred Isles in Britain

The Isle of Druids in Britain is also referred to as the sacred isle orbey. The word Duchan is thought to derive from Druid. Modern spell casting incorporates the use of incantations in combination with the corniced iron bells which provide a vibration of power to help gain a member’s insight or energy back to the church.

Iron and Clad Iron in Scotland

Iron or clad iron is found in many areas in Scotland, but in more remote places, such as sifted sand, above the surface in the west of Scotland is a place called Murrays. It is an amazingly beautiful piece of land, the highest mountain range in Scotland, and is known as the home of the ancient Pagan religion, although it is often regarded as being pagan.

Celtic Christianity

Celtic Christianity, which used to be referred to as the ‘Celtic church,’ is very much alive and well in these modern days. If not in Celtic mythology itself, then certainly amongst the people of Celtic metaphysics. Perhaps it is due to the close links which develop amongst such disparate strands of the isle, and the lack of contact with the modernities which separate us from them, that there is such confusion as to what the isle is, or what it represents.

Protection of the Isle

For that reason alone, the isle should be protected from any dangers that the political and religious forces that seek to use it for their own purposes may bring upon it. Any information you acquired on the isle will simply add to your understanding and frustration of this situation.

The Isle in Scottish Beliefs

It is widely believed in Scotland that the isle was specifically chosen to be the setting for the story of Hansel and Otto’s mother, Eldrid. It is frequently referred to as the home of Wissin’s ‘cousin race’ and the story of Hansel’s forgiving, loving mother.

The Story of Hansel and Eldrid

A small letter, penned by ‘cousin’ Hansel to her mother in the isle described how her mother Wissin (TraditiDivinity) drudged dear Edrained (Judgment) to the home of Eldrid (Judgment) where she eventually died and reconciled her sins to God and was forgiven. ‘Cousin Hansel’ then died there and became Edrified.

The Underlying Message

All of the stories regarding Hansel and Eldrid (Judgment) are very disturbing and the motives of the gruesome man in taunting her with her guilt are clear. However, the underlying message is not about how bad we are but rather how good we can be.

The Symbolism of the Isle in Modern Paganism

The symbolism of the isle extends beyond ancient myths and Christian reinterpretations. In modern paganism, the isle is often seen as a sanctuary, a place of spiritual retreat and renewal. This perspective resonates with those seeking a deeper connection to nature and the divine. The isle is not just a physical location but a metaphorical space where one can explore inner truths and spiritual mysteries.

Many contemporary pagans view the isle as a representation of the journey of life, filled with challenges and opportunities for growth. This interpretation encourages individuals to embrace their personal quests, much like the ancient heroes and heroines who ventured to the isle in search of wisdom and transformation.

The isle’s association with the divine feminine is also prominent in modern interpretations. It is seen as a place where the Goddess’s energy is particularly strong, providing a nurturing and empowering environment for spiritual work. This aligns with the broader pagan emphasis on the balance of masculine and feminine energies in the cosmos.

Explore the Celtic Cross Tarot Reading Today!

Tarot Cards: Celtic Cross Spread by Nosferattus (CC0)
Tarot Cards: Celtic Cross Spread by Nosferattus (CC0)

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is an amazing way to get clarity about your life and future. This ten-card spread dives deep into various aspects of your life, offering guidance on your past, present, and future, along with hidden influences and potential outcomes.

One key to tarot readings is self-awareness. It’s all about understanding what’s happening around you so you can make better decisions. The Celtic Cross Spread helps you see where you stand in relation to others and the events in your life. Ready to explore the mysteries and insights of the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread? Visit our Celtic Cross Tarot Reading page to start your journey. Unlock the wisdom of the ancient Celts and get a comprehensive understanding of your life’s path.

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