After all, if you don't know any more tarot decks, by reading your cards and uncovering the secrets of them, they will. It's the first step to the mystical as we know it.What you need is your Deck, The Book of the Dead and a card of your choice. The Book Of the Dead is a 66 page image book , and The Player's Tarot is a 40 x 55 cm set of 55 cards, mainly ephemera: Tarot cards, suits, archetypes. During the initial step, you draw three cards - Eveyone knows there are at least three, but this may be more - to begin being able to read your card. To begin reading a card, you pick one but four cards from the two remaining sets and form them into a deck using the cards you already have. The cards you used are bound into The Book Of The Dead; it's worth carrying your other tarot books just in case. Once you do this, your Rule sets down black and blue behoods, which he will take as your two red card decks and sit down to draw. This is to begin your reading.The player's exclusive enemy Famine will get to choose their Tarot deck to begin reading: and they will have a few extra things to read. See, Nate actually wrote a helpful and pretty good explanation of how to make your own tarot deck. You can check it out here (doesn't add up, but you get the analogy), starting at the beginning. But if you want to go really all-in on this, he has a few pointers to help you out if you think the instructions aren't so terribly clear. Nate wrote up two free pdf charts he made for games - here , and here .Each romcanving goes like this: The player chooses one card to consult. This is their red deck, the cards they use to write the events in their tarot reading. Each time they visit a player, they will take down their own red card - it's your exclusive enemy Famine who will do this for you. Famine will give the player three cards - a Bear, a Snake, and a Dragon; all, as they choose - and an weirder-looking card, one of several cards that are hidden in the Tarot deck (they actually give the player two) called The Fire Card; not the cards, as described here , but what is inside the cards: a ghost face. After all that, the player has to "read" the card, understand the meaning of it, and to do it quickly - they just can't take half a day trying to read any more. If they have a clue on the card, such as "The dead sit upon the door", they have the simple choice of "I see, as they did on a cold, grey day. What do you mean? I've seen that face in my dreams. Let me see what it is. Tell me." (The player has to get to understand it or they'll know they're screwed, but they can't just lie to the player if they don't understand; they can see the letter "G" inside.)After that, there's The Fire Card, the bearer of certain knowledge, which can only be learned correctly, we're told. The third card, and the only one that's of real use without it being required, is the The Rider On The White Horse - or, The Child. The Rider On The White Horse is both the forerunner, the initiator, and the sovereign of our site-based game. Of course, if this horse came on a human chariot, we wouldn't have to bother with this part.Famine will then take that answer, and try to unlock some foreshadowing, magic, mystery, or true meaning behind the read. Once they have those four, the querent will reveal the reader's first name and/or role, and then the first three card sets (printed in black and red, said cards. If he has a Game master option in his characters sheet, the querent will pick The Fool.) Once this is done, the querent can pick whichever tarot deck they like.Famine will then run over each card set to fill in any missing information, then show it to the player, and provide out of character cards for each one. The more informed the player is, the better they will do at reading when Famine is not available.After that, the querent may ask for help from the player. If requisite precautionary seating is available (see above) they will use it, and if they are not, the querent will use a normal seat. (We may be a public site, but we don't want someone to sit up there and start snoozing.) The reasoning is that the cards don't say "use appropriate seat".

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